Error when triggering CATS Workflow(Workflow task TS20000460)

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1. You need to create one variant called “WORKFLOW” in the program RCATSB01.

In selection screen you assign

Approval Program = ‘A’.

2. You need to do the agent assignment for task, Go to PFTC

Additional data->Agent assignment->Maintain->attrubutes and select general task.

Generate emails from work items

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SAP program RSWUWFML2 can be used to generate emails to the agents assigned to specific work item tasks. The email sends the body of the work item and links to open the GUI and display the work item can be sent as attachments in the email.

ALV new fields added not showing

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When adding new fields to an existing ALV program, the new fields do not show up.¬†Even though they have been added to the field catalog table correctly. This happens when calling on the Function Module REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY with parameter¬† I_BUFFER_ACTIVE = ‘X’.


Run program BALVBUFDEL in SE38. This will clear the ALV buffer and the fields should now be visible.